Youth Support

  • School Supplies
  • Stay in School Picnic
  • Scholarships


Senior Support

  • Promote social engagement for seniors
  • Coordinate activities for a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage building intergenerational relationships

Community Engagement

  • We promote programs that strengthenĀ the community
  • Fundraise and give back to those that need support

Welcome to Chicago Neighbors United

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about us. CNU offers hope and direction to inner city youth by encouraging them to be consistent with their educational pursuits.

CNU's aim is to prepare students to learn and equip them with the basic tools necessary for success in and out of the classroom.

CNU believes that learning is an ongoing interactive process. We also believe it's not enough to give school supplies, gifts and scholarships -- you must also put in the sweat equity.

Support Chicago Neighbors United

Chicago Neighbors United needs your support. You can help us continue to serve the community by volunteering or donating.